Construction of the residential building Seaside, November 2017.

– A residential building of 43 apartments, of 2 and 3 bedrooms.
– Swimming pool, fitness center, common spaces and green areas.
– The foundation work have been finished.
– The works will be completed by the end of 2018.

Seaside is a residential project that offers 43 apartments in a 5-floor building with parking located on the ground floor. The total built surface is close to the 8,000 m².

Its privileged location, near the center of Pointe Noire and 200 meters from the beach, its qualities and terminations and its well-kept communal areas, elevate him to the category of Residential Area of high standing.

The building Seaside, as all residential programs of Upside, counts with swimming pool, fitness center, green areas and common spaces to generate a friendly atmosphere between the owners of the community.

Our department of Real Estate Developments manages the marketing of the apartments and here you can find all the information you need:

In July of this year began the construction works of the first batch of construction, which includes the movement of earth, the foundation and structure. A decantation tank to control the water table level, septic tanks, and a layer of concrete cleaning throughout the waterproof field, then the surface of the slab and they were armed with 90 cm of height and more than 125 tons of steel.

More than 1600 m³ of concrete were dumped for the realization of the slab, during the execution of this phase, and until the end, they hired the services of the office of control of APAVE to regularly perform resistance testing and monitoring, thus ensuring the conformity of the work.

We are currently in the construction phase of the structure of the first slab, where we can already see the pillars of support for the swimming pool and the first floor.

The construction of the building continues within schedule.

Construction of Beachside, high end residential project in Pointe Noire

Beachside project offers 48 luxury apartments with a total of 11,396 m² of built area. The project benefits from a privileged location by the sea and very close to Pointe Noire city center. Like all of our residential programs, the project counts with swimming pool, gym, green area and community spaces that provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for the Upside community.

Construction began with the demolition of the old potash plant bridge, known as the “Wharf Bridge”, with levelling backfill. After the geotechnical study of the soil, and in order to make the earthworks according to the international standards, several layers of gravel, geotextile, yellow earth and all-in-one earth were laid and compacted at each successive layer. Work continues with the waterproofing and foundation slab.

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The construction work on the RIVERVIEW residential project did not stop during the holiday period and work has been carried out on 3 structure plants.

This emblematic project for Brazzaville marks a milestone in the development of a unique high standing residential project in the Congo and its construction has reached cruising speed after a difficult start as it coincided with the rainy season.